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visit the highlights of central portugal

Do you want to completely unwind and get to know the green heart of Portugal in a peaceful way? Then Camping Pelinos is the place to be.

Pelinos is a characteristic village in the hills near Tomar. Because of the central location an ideal spot to discover the rest of Portugal. The surrounding areas offers you cultural treasures, lush nature and an authentic Portuguese lifestyle.

” Did you know Portugal has the most hours of sun of entire Europe?
That makes Portugal a great holiday destination the whole year round.”

what more to explore ?


The nearby authentic villages will take you back in time. Driving through you will get an idea of the daily traditional lifestyle. But watch out for crossing goats! People still grow their own crobs to sell it on the market afterwards. Except for the homemade wine, which the portuguese prefer to drink themself. In the summer every village has it own party, and you are invited. During the party the streets are decorated and there’s live music so you can dance the night away.

our suggestions for a daytrip

tomar: city of the knights templars

Tomar is a charming riverside town and best known for the Convento de Cristo, the headquarters of the knights templars in the 12th century. The monastery is listed by UNESCO as world heritage. People who have been there know why! A visit to the weekly gypsy market on Fridays is also very entertaining.

The medieval old town will suprise culture lovers. If you prefer to indulge yourselve with local food and drinks, not to worry. There is a big selection of bars and restaurants. And best of all, for the cheapest prices of west-europe!

Constância and Castelo Almourol: down by the riverside

Constância is an idyllic hillside village where the rivers Tagus and Zêzere meet eachother. The village is known for it’s historical whitewashed houses, narrow streets and a lively riverside. When the Portugese have a day off, this is the place where the families come together for a picknick and a refreshing dive in the rio.

The neighbouring Castelo Almourol is worth a visit as well. True legend stuff for story tellers! The fort is located in the river where you can wander around. A small boat picks you up to get there.


Visit Pegadas dos Dinossáurios, a park where you  can you can dinosaur tracks from the jurassic period. The oldest and longest tracks in the world, stretched out for 145m and are over 175 million years old.

Serra de Aire, a large nature reserve is a popular place for outdoor activities. For example you can visit Portugal’s largest cave system; Mira De Aire. And several walking trails give you the oppertunity to explore the mountains.


You can visit Fátima for your spiritual well-being. For Catholic pilgrims it has a magnetic appeal like few places on earth. The town is most lively on the 12th and 13th of each month from May to October. Annually it counts more than 4 million visitors and during the most important memorials more than one million daily!

Batalha & Alcobaça: WORLD HERITAGE

Portugal, a superpower nation in the 15th and 16th century. It even had colonies in Africa and Asia. A lot of prestige heritage has been saved from this rich period of time. For example the world famous monastries of Batalha (50 km) and Alcobaça (75 km).

Coimbra: Back to school

Homebase of the oldest university of Europe (since 1290). The university is open for public and shows an impressive library, chapel and amazing city views. In 2003 Coimbra received an award for ‘Cultural Capital of Europe’ and untill today it is an important hometown for students.

A few kilometers southwest you find Conímbriga, with the best preserved Roman ruins in Portugal. So plenty to see!

Nazaré & São Martinho:TAKE ME TO THE ATLANTIC!

Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto are both popular beach resorts. Less crowded and just as beautiful are the numerous smaller beaches around. By using the new (toll-free) highway you will get there within an hour!


Highly recommended is a visit to Lisbon. Our advise? Go by train! The trip is magnificent!   For less than 10 euro and within 2 hours it will take you to the center of the city. The city itself needs no explanation, in one word: Amazing!

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