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"Rota de Portugal" partnership

We proudly present our membership of "Rota de Portugal". An association of five Dutch campsite owners located all over Portugal. Visit these small and cosy campsites in the country side and you will receive a 10% extra discount! Happy holidays for sure!


Some of Portugal's motorways must be paid by electronic toll. This website explains clearly the various ways in which the tourist can make the toll payments. It's easy, find out yourselve!

Geardropper- Rent your Camping Gear here!

Go camping as a couple or family! Discover the convenience of a camping trip by plane! Now you can go camping with our gear in your trunk, or book your holiday in one of the furnished tents!

Pelinos on Facebook

Join the club and become a friend! Keep up with the latest adventures of 'Camping Pelinos & Friends' and stay in touch with the holiday spirit when you are back home..

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